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Founded 2013

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David J. Height

Paul S. Height

The idea actually began as a dream for David when he was 7 years old. His grandfather, James J. Ambrose was an old time Hollywood writer, film director, editor and producer. David’s grandfather was a lifelong friend and worked with Fred Niblo Jr. an Academy Award Nominee and uncle of the world famous stage actor George M. Cohan. Together David’s grandfather and Fred Niblo Jr. wrote, produced and directed several Hollywood films as well as numerous travelogues which were the style of the day.  David was cast as a featured actor in the Hollywood film “Men of Destiny” and has been hooked ever since.  

David did not actually pursue his dream of On Camera Acting and Voice Overs until many years later when he realized that he had a penchant for Acting and Voice Overs. This realization resulted in David closing his 14 year old International Sales, Consulting and Marketing Company taking a gamble and opened the doors of Hand On Ear Entertainment Inc.


Hand On Ear Entertainment, Inc. has truly become a family On Camera Acting and Voice Over business.  David’s son, Paul after pursuing an arduous Voice Over training program was recently welcomed to Hand On Ear Entertainment Inc. as a new Voice Over Artist.  Paul has a remarkable, multifaceted and enthralling young baritone voice that grabs the listener’s attention coupled with enthusiasm for the business.


David is also hoping that once Paul has established himself as a successful Voice Over Artist he will also develop a longing to work in front of the camera with his dad.  Time will tell.  


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